On the Invisible Deity in the Sky Who Watches Your Every Move


Why He might be exactly what you need.


Often is the sentiment echoed: "I don't need a God in the sky telling me to be moral."

"Who wishes that there was a permanent, unalterable celestial despotism that subjected us to continual surveillance and could convict us of thought-crime...?" - Christopher Hitchens, The Portable Atheist
"You shouldn't abstain from rape just because you think that I want you to.
You shouldn't rape because rape is a f***d up thing to do." - Bo Burnham, From God's Perspective
"If the only reason you’re moral is you think you’re being supervised, I don’t want to know you!" - Richard Dawkins, Interview on Real Time with Bill Maher (Aug. 11, 2017)

Do not be so sure that's not exactly what you need.

You spend an overwhelming majority, say 90%, of your life under surveillance of some sort: From passerby on the street, neighbors, family members, coworkers, cultural norms and expectations, social media data collectors, your past and future self, the government, cameras and workers in retail stores, cops which roam all around. You are almost always watched by something.

  Survey says.

Survey says.

Take driving as an example: The average person spends one-ninth of their day merely driving around. And during this one-ninth, you are constantly watched by literal surveillance cameras and cops. But without those restraints, you would break almost every law in the book, even if the laws have demonstrated that life is more safe and civilized through following them.  When you alone are on the open road, on the secluded road with no stoplights or cameras for miles, you might find that you still obey the laws of traffic or the speed limit on the off chance that a cop is actually somewhere watching. 

You are almost always watched by something.

How many of us would steal from the stores if they did not have cameras everywhere? Is not the reason for the cameras the fact that people cannot be trusted?

The only reason you don't act in certain ways is because of the repercussions. You don't do this because you're afraid of what people will say about you; You won't say that because it just might hurt someone's feelings; You can't speak your mind at work because you will likely lose your job.

You spend 90% of your waking life being watched, and that surveillance has molded your entire understanding of morality. 

The other 10%, when you truly are secure and by yourself, you spend in lustful thoughts, or cursing up a storm in your head, or looking down on other people, or thinking the vilest and darkest thoughts that would surprise you if you were not so used to it. You constantly and willfully commit something like thought-crimes, since your mind is the only space you truly have to yourself... Unless God is real, that is.

"If the only reason you’re moral is you think you’re being supervised, I don’t want to know you!" - Richard Dawkins

So when you say that you don't need some invisible deity in the sky forcing you to act morally, simply ask yourself: How would I know?

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